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Nothing beats the warm and fuzzy feeling in your heart when you see your loaf of bread rising, or the aroma of your chocolate chip cookies as they brown up perfectly in the oven! When you sprinkle love and affection into the mix, baking takes on a life of its own. Simply put, when it comes to whipping up delectable delicacies, the secret ingredient is always love.

At OH FLOUR, we aspire to be the joy in every whisking bowl. Great ingredients and tremendous potential, we believe, are the foundation for a happy stomach and a happy soul. So, as world travellers who have lived in Japan and Europe and had the pleasure of experiencing some of the world's finest cuisine and delicacies, we make it our mission to connect the local community with these amazing, high-quality products and ingredients so that everyone can enjoy them too.

We want bakers, chefs, and artisans to continue baking with love and passion, and crafting using high-quality ingredients. These are ingredients often used by hotel master chefs, restaurants, famous bakeries and also the common pantry goods found in your own home. By joining arms with globally recognised brands and high-quality suppliers, we are able to bring you these quality pantry ingredients at an affordable price.

As we do exactly that, we hope that your visit to OH FLOUR will inspire yet another wonderful delicacy that will bring joy to your patrons.

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